Copying AWS Tags using CLI

April 11, 2020

When a AWS account have large number of resources, tags are used to maintain and group resources. Normally these tags are added using the cloud formation templates but some times you need to manually copy them to a another resource. This can be easily done using the AWS CLI.

The following CLI command queries the tags and saves them to a json file.

aws ec2 describe-tags --filters Name=resource-id,Values={{ OLD_RESOURCE_ID }} --query 'Tags[].{Key:Key,Value:Value}' --profile {{ AWS_PROFILE }} --region us-east-1 --endpoint-url > tags.json

The following CLI command takes the exported tags using the json files and adds them to the new resource.

aws ec2 create-tags --resources {{ NEW_RESOURCE_ID }} --tags file://tags.json --profile {{ AWS_PROFILE }} --region us-east-1 --endpoint-url

Hope this helps someone.