How to Install OpenTracker on Debain 10

February 08, 2020

In this tutorial, we will be installing open tracker with IPv6 enabled on Debian 10 buster.

First install the required packages

sudo apt install libowfat-dev make git build-essential zlib1g-dev libowfat-dev make git

then create a user called opentracker and switch to that user

sudo useradd opentracker -m
su - opentracker

clone the opentracker repo

git clone git://

go to opentracker directory

cd opentracker

Open the makefile

nano Makefile

In the makefile, uncomment the following

  • to enable IPv6
  • to enable gzip compression

save the file and run make.


finally run following command to start opentracker in background.

./opentracker &

by default the tracker will run on 6969 port on both UDP and TCP.

visit http://serverIP:6969/stats to view the tracker stats.

To change default settings, copy the sample opentracker.conf file and edit as needed.

cp opentracker.conf.sample opentracker.conf
nano opentracker.conf

Remember to open the port in the firewall for both UDP and TCP if a firewall is in place.